Instuctors - Seido London


Senior Instructors

Jun Shihan Brandt Leitch


Jun Shihan Brandt is a full time professional instructor and the Technical Director for Seido Karate UK. He holds a 6th dan black belt and has over 30 years experience in martial arts.


Based in Southfields, Jun Shihan Brandt has also introduced the Seido Karate Programme into schools across South West London. He believes that learning Seido Karate, whilst being an excellent form of self-defence training, has the benefit of strengthening the mind, body and spirit. In 2006 Brandt was awarded a commendation by the Metropolitan Police for Public Spiritedness.

Sensei Cham Bain Smith


Sensei Cham holds a 4th dan black belt, has over 23 years training and heads the Beginners Programme. Sensei Cham holds the distinction of being the first woman black belt in the UK.

Sensei Tina Gath


Sensei Tina holds a 4th dan black belt, began training in 1992 in Auckland, NZ and has been instructing since 1996. Sensei Tina heads the Girls and Women's Programme and along with Sensei Cham is a founding member of the Fulham Dojo.

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